Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Event Fanbase Project Part 14 - The Phone-In Campaign

It's time to take this to this project to the next level!

It's now time to start flooding NBC with phone calls.

Call the NBC Switchboard! Call NBC in Burbank, CA at 818-840-4444 and tell them you want The Event to return for a second season!

I've also found a couple of other contacts for The Event publicity:

Jamie French
NBC Entertainment Publicity
(818) 777-2835
Project Assignment: "Chuck", "Parenthood", "Perfect Couples", "The Event", "Friday Night Lights", "The Voice"

Akiva Griffith
Junior Press Manager
NBC Entertainment Publicity
(818) 777-3096
Project Assignment: "Chuck", "The Event"

My guess is that Akiva Griffith is the one that is handling all the correspondence coming in from The Event and Chuck fans wanting those shows to be renewed. In any case, it's time to start peppering them with phone calls. Tell them you want a second season of The Event!

Lastly, here's the contact for NBC Entertainment Publicity (Jamie & Akiva's boss):

Rebecca Marks
Executive Vice President, Publicity


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  3. Its too late for NBC but according to what I read the shows producers are going to shop it to other outlets including Netflix so if you are a member of Netflix now is the time to let them know thats a great idea and if your not and can afford $7.99/mo. then now is a great time to join (and tell them you want them to carry The Event)

  4. Hey I'm In I loved the show, I'll call both of them, but we got to get this out and i mean quick if we want to be able to save it.

    my email:

    unluckyluck55@gmail.com. I need your guys help too.