Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get The Event Trending

Great Job Everyone! There have been MANY tweets to Netflix asking them to pick up The Event a season 2. Keep the tweets going to all of the possible networks that could pick it up. There has not yet been any news besides that Steve Stark (producer) has been talking to different networks.

This coming Monday (May 30, 2011) the UK and many other places will be having their season finale and they will be tweeting. Starting at 6e/5c/4m/3p (United States time zones) people will be tweeting about the finale. If we have our own tweetcast (retweeting a bunch of tweets that has the hashtag #TheEvent) we might be able to get it trending. Make absolute sure that you use he hashtag #TheEvent yourself. If everyone that reads this, tweets 5 tweets with #TheEvent we can get 140 extra tweets about The Event. If we can get this trending, I think that there is a good chance that someone will take a very good look at The Event.

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