Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get NBC to play re-runs in the summer

As most of you know, the producers have been shopping around The Event. The reports on and IMDB have given The Event the biggest publicity of all of the cancelled TV shows. People are hearing about it, which is good. Two and a Half Men got their all-time ratings high on re-runs during Charlie Sheen's 'time', which is a perfect example of what publicity can do.

Let's face it. Write-in/twitter campaigns are all too common and are not eye catching by TV podcasts, blogs, and news sites (which can generate a lot of publicity). Write-in campaigns aren't going to get any new viewers either. In order to get more viewers, NBC (or any other network) needs to air re-runs of the show. Yes, you can watch some of them online, and the best way to do this is to approach sci-fi/TV podcasts, blogs, and fansites to promote it. Many will at least like the show and by doing this, it shoots it's publicity through the roof. This is also a nice way for NBC Universal to make more money from the show, which doesn't hurt our cause. If The Event is profitable, it has more chance of getting back on the air in new episodes, mini-series or a TV movie.

So go on to iTunes, twitter, Facebook, or whatever, and tell people that you want them to talk/post about our current campaign. If everybody that read this post does this and tells a few more people, it will be up in no time. (Also, tell your friends about us, the more the merrier.)

Please leave in the comments, a few sci-fi/TV plugins to contact so everyone can check them out.

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  1. A few sci-fi plugins to target.

    The SciFiCast (@SciFiCast)
    Sci-Fi Now (@SciFiNow)
    Sci-Fi blogger (@SciFiBlogger)