Friday, June 24, 2011

Do you want The Event to return? Here are a few ground rules to follow...

Repost from The Event Fanatic:

If you want to get The Event back on the air, here are a few key concepts you need to consider:
  1. It’s Business: Make no mistake - television shows are not on the air to entertain us. They are on the air to make the network and the production company that owns the rights to the show money, hopefully at a profit. If a show isn't profitable, it's not going to stay on the air. It's as plain and simple as that. It's also true for movies, music, publishing and even video games. Entertainment companies are not in the business to entertain you. It’s not art. They are in the business to make money, and if they do it while entertaining, then all the better, but a network’s primary way to make money is through ratings, and the advertising revenues they can generate as a result. 
  2. Stop biting the hands that have fed us: What a lot of people don't understand is that NBC and Universal Media Studios (the production company that produces and owns the rights to The Event) are, essentially, the same company. They share executives. When fans are bad mouthing NBC, you're basically bad mouthing the same company that produced the show in the first place. If you ever want a chance at The Event coming back, fans must stop the attacks on NBC. Fans who want the show back but insult the network and the executives are not only insulting NBC, but they are also insulting the very people who have a chance to find new life for The Event. I know, if it were me, I wouldn't go out of my way to consider changing a decision or green-lighting a new movie for fans of a show who are insulting me and my team of executives. It's just not constructive. If you want the show to return, be polite. Be respectful. 
  3. If you can help show that The Event can be profitable, do so: Some may read this and object, and I understand that to an extent. This is a somewhat unusual situation, in that the company that produces and owns the rights to The Event and the network that broadcasts The Event in the U.S. are basically the same company, but it is more common that it used to be. If you want to give The Event a better chance at returning, show it with your wallets. Buy episodes online. Pre-order the DVD and Blu-ray. Buy items from the NBC Universal Store. The soundtrack is also available on iTunes. These all help The Event look more attractive to return, since the bean counters can see more revenues result from the show.
  4. Stop focusing on the past: The Event has been canceled. Get over it. Stop going on about WHY NBC canceled it, or what NBC could have or should have done. Can you argue that Monday at 9PM was a bad time slot for The Event, going up against Dancing With The Stars? Sure, absolutely. Can you say that the three month hiatus was bad for ratings? Yes, sure. However, what does that solve? It's past history. You can’t go back in a time machine and change decisions that were made. In fact, I’d bet the producers and the network would both go back in time and make other decisions if they could. However, we live in fact, and time travel is science fiction, not science fact. What is done is done. It's like the old story of the high school quarterback that threw the interception late in the game that cost his team that championship, and then spends the next 25 years going over that in his head.
  5. Focus on the NOW, what IS reality: Here’s what IS true: The writers and actors of The Event are still under contract from NBC/Universal Media Studios. True, some of them have found other parts. I know about Blair Underwood on Broadway, and Zeljko Ivanek taking a role in a movie, as well as Nick Wauters working as a writer on The Vampire Diaries. Don’t take that to mean that they have been let out of their contracts. In fact, if you listen to the last episode of The EventCast, you’ll hear Jason Ritter explain just that. If I am interpreting things correctly, and I'm pretty sure that I am, Nick Wauters working on TVD also has no effect on bringing The Event back.
  6. Sources tell me that Steve Stark, Nick Wauters, and yes... even, believe it or not, supporters within NBC Universal are still actively looking to bring back The Event in a movie or mini-series form. If they can, and it's successful, it opens up the possibility for the show to return as a series in the following season. 
  7. Shows can be "un-canceled". There are many shows that were canceled that have returned. Star Trek is the most famous, but certainly not the only show that has done it. Jericho, Medium, Futurama, and Roswell are some recent examples, and there are many more. Even more shows came back in a new form, such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek (again, as Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the other shows that followed it). Nothing that has been decided has to stay that way. 
  8. Every fan counts; every fan can make a difference: You may not seem to be important, but every fan out there can make a difference. I am not affiliated with the show in any way, but countless people have thanked me for doing everything I can to save the show... but I am but one man. I am a man that sometimes works long hours, is married, and have a lot of mouths to feed and take care of, but I maintain this website. I post on Twitter and Facebook however and whenever I can, and I know I AM making a difference. So can you.
Tomorrow, June 27th, is the start of The Event for The Event. Join me, and fans everywhere, as we do everything we can to get our show back. More on that in my next post.

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