Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Event for The Event

Here we go, the peanuts for Jericho, the Nerds for Chuck, the blackout for FlashForward. This is it. The Event for The Event. This is not quite a write-in campaign, not quite a social networking campaign, this is contacting the people that we need contacted, doing the things we need to do to get the show's fans noticed, and give the producers a fighting chance at continuing The Event. This week is the most important week to show that The Event fans are out there by

-contacting Marc Graboff and Ted Harbert (details at part 1)
-raising as much money as we can by buying The Event products (also, details as you keep reading)

First of all, we (producers, writers, and us) are aiming for a mini-series or a movie, at this point, not a full- size series. Anything larger would be too much for the budget.

Second of all, what a lot of people don't understand is that NBC and Universal Media Studios (the production company that produces and owns the rights to The Event) are, essentially, the same company. They share executives. When fans are bad mouthing NBC, you're basically bad mouthing the same company that produced the show in the first place. If you ever want a chance at The Event coming back, fans must stop the attacks on NBC. It's just not constructive. They are the people who can rip up and burn the show, in 5 minutes. Show NBC that you appreciate that they aired The Event for one season.

  • Part 1: We have found that Marc Graboff and Ted Harbert from NBC/Universal Studios have the biggest impact on the future of the show. When I said that "write-in campaigns don't work" last week, I meant that NBC/ Universal Studios get a number of letters from this show's fans and that show's fans. This goes directly to the people who decide the future of the show. You can tweet Marc Graboff @mgraboff and post on Ted Harbert's 'Like' page on Facebook. When writing or tweeting them, please be respectful.

  • Part 2: Hulu has made episodes of The Event available. At the time of writing (June 24, 2011), all of the episodes of The Event are now available for viewing, and you don't need to have Hulu Plus to access them. You can watch them at The Event Fan Central. This is a great time to have friends, co-workers and family members who missed The Event the first time to start watching from the beginning.

  • Part 3: Buying episodes of The Event from iTunes, Amazon, etc... This effects NBC Universal's bottom line,  and helps generate more revenue for the show, which makes it more profitable. It also shows the fan support and dedication, what this kind of show needs. Scott Starrett's (composer) music for The Event is also on iTunes. You can search up "The Event (Original Television Score)".

  • Part 4: Where and when possible, pre-order the DVD or Blu-ray of The Event. That will show there's demand.

Do whatever you can do to help get this out. We had really bad timing with this and have limited time to get this to the world. Please help us, by retweeting our tweets @EventFanCentral and @TheEventFanatic about this and letting people know about this and The Event for The Event.


  1. I also contributed to this post...

    Some people may wonder why we're asking people to buy episodes, pre-order DVDs, buy soundtracks and buy items from the NBC Universal Store. Do you ever wonder why some shows with low ratings seem to get renewed every year, while shows with bigger ratings get canceled? It's profit. For The Apprentice, for example, companies pay big dollars to be featured in an episode, which contributes to the profitability of the show. The Event was an expensive show to produce, so buying episodes contributes revenue to NBC Universal. If we can show that there's a market for The Event, that increases its chances of coming back.

  2. The bottom line is NBC placed EVENT opposite DWTS, that proves NBC really didn't care about the show. First they hyped it then PULLED it after the fan base was beginning to grow.
    After its return and NBC played EVENT at the same time DWTS that was proof they wanted it to fail.
    To me EVENT should be continued as a series but it belongs at a time with a decent lead in. a miniseries or movie requires more jumping around and leaves the future unpredictable based more on DVD sales than long term fan support.
    The biggest problem for viewers was STORY FLOW!
    No one could follow the plot line. Event should be brought back with a PREQUEL to show HOW AND WHEN the visitors arrived and the interaction between the sentinels and aliens.
    Then, the viewers would understand that this is a war that has raged for 3,000 years and the PLOT JUMPS would make sense.
    The EVENT was the best dramatic show that NBC has had for at least five years. EVENT needs to be re-tooled with better writers for a more coherent lot line and an in your face confrontation with the "CHOSEN ONE," Sean Walker and the ALIENS!
    imho, helen bowdine

  3. On it. Bought a t-shirt. Tweeted Jason Ritter. Following you guys everywhere. Love this show.

  4. Here's to hoping it gets some sort of reprieve!

  5. Hey its @Teksis on Twitter. Gonna Definitly buy the DVD (When Available) and some Fan memorabilia asap! This is the first fresh show I've watched and was Hype for each and episode every week in a long time. I wish I was a head in my company so that I could really help push this show. Yes, I work for the now Parent Company, Comcast (Everybodies Worst Entertainment Enemy), so since my voice is pretty much Muted let's show them that they have a certified Classic on Their Hands! We The People, We The Viewers Have A Say! And Our Say Is Bring The Event To It's Proper End! Don't leave us hanging, blowing in the wind! Come On Folks Let's Make The Event A Beautiful Trend! :)