Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another important task... find internet celebs that like The Event and have them help with the cause!

When I'm on Twitter, I search for people tweeting about The Event, and I let them know about our site, so they can join this fight. Now, I'll do this for anyone I come across, regardless of how many followers they have, but let's face it... someone who joins the fight that has many followers can do more to bring others to the fight than someone who has few of them. I'll have more effect if I can get the attention of someone who has 5,000 followers than someone else who has 5.

Occasionally, I'll come across people that have a lot of followers. This is a good thing, because if they retweet, their followers will see what I've tweeted and some of them who also enjoy The Event will join the cause.

Today, I found an internet celebrity that watches The Event, but I haven't been successful getting her attention. However, with your help, we can do it together.

Justine Ezarik, better known as @ijustine, is a fan of The Event. She has almost 1.3 million followers on Twitter. THAT'S HUGE!!! Consider this: If 0.5% of her fans sent in an email to Marc Graboff at NBCUniversal, that's 6,500 emails!

Here's a request... help me get the attention of @ijustine. Send her a tweet about this site and get her to tweet about it. If you do, we'll have a lot more people join this cause!

If you know of any other people that have more than 1,000 Twitter followers and watch The Event, please tweet to them, and let them know about this site, tweeting and emailing NBCUniversal exec Marc Graboff, the person that can do the most to bring back The Event, and do some of the other things we've mentioned on this site.


  1. Justine and I have a few mutual friends... I am going to see if I can get a message to her directly.

  2. Thank you, unknown! Her help in this would be appreciated!

  3. Brian, I sent you a message through your blog

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