Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Event for The Event, Between Now and Phase 2

Thanks to everyone who participated in "The Event for The Event" on Monday, June 27th. It was a success, with thousands of people participating and letting the powers that be know that we want The Event to return.

It's now time to continue "The Event for The Event". In fact, we'll be continuing "The Event for The Event" every Monday until we have a definitive answer about its return.

As you know if you're in the U.S., and you probably know elsewhere, it's July the 4th this Monday, which is Independence Day - a holiday in the U.S.. With that in mind, we're asking for our international viewers to be front and center this time around. We want you to contact your networks that televise The Event, and tell them that you want to see The Event return. We're going to make this installment a week-long event, given the holiday.

What we're asking for your help on is we'd like it if international viewers could send in the contacts for their country and network. We'll update this post as more viewers chime in with contact information, and as we find out the information on our own.

American viewers, that doesn't excuse you of anything to do. We would like Americans to expand the circle of contact. In addition to contacting Marc Graboff and Ted Harbert, we'd like to expand to include the following:
  • More NBCUniversal Execs - Robert Greenblatt - and CEO Steve Burke - We're guessing his email is or
  • NBC Affiliates - Contact your local station to let them know you want The Event to continue. I have a partial list of contacts that I will include later.
  • Other Channels/Alternative Sources - This includes Syfy @syfy and Netflix. I'll include email addresses once I have them.
Update: Here is a partial list of U.S. NBC affiliates:

The plan is to get to media attention in the next two weeks, if we don't get a response before that. So, let's keep the pressure up!

I wanted to get a post out before much more time had elapsed. I will keep editing this post with more content over the next day, and on the 4th as


  1. Hey Brian, I noticed that when Damages wasn't picked up by FX, they moved it to In Demand. Perhaps we should include them in the "alternative sources". It's not perfect - I'd need to actually get In Demand (which I definitely would if they picked up The Event!), as would others I'm sure, but it's an option.

  2. Damages is actually on DirecTV, so it's probably being carried In Demand following showing on DirecTV.

    That said, both In Demand and DirecTV would be considered alternative sources. I don't know if they would be primary contacts, but they'd definitely be secondary ones.