Friday, April 8, 2011

The Event Fanbase Project Part 1

So, since The Event is in some hot water, the huge fanbase potential needs to reveal. Right now, start with putting this as your Twitter status or retweeting the original one I have on my twitter page (just look on my favorited tweets, it should be the first one there).
"Dear @, Please keep faith in . RETWEET IF YOU AGREE."
Use the hashtag #TheEvent on Twitter because there is a TV ratings company that measure fanbase loyalty such as number of tweets about the show by using the hashtag.

Please also take 3 minutes to vote for The Event on the sites on my "Voting Opportunities" page

If The Event averages a 1.3 (really easy) 18-49 demo rating for the rest of the season, it will finish with a 2.0 average

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