Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Event Fanbase Project Part 12 - Send NBC execs packets of Splenda for a second season of The Event

I read that the UPN show Roswell was saved in part by a fan campaign where fans sent in bottles of Tabasco sauce to the TV execs. That helped me come up with an idea.

From episode 1.17 "Cut Off The Head", we see that Jarvis is about to poison Martinez with a tainted package of Splenda. What if we fans all send in packets of Splenda into NBC to get them to renew the show? I'm floating this idea on Facebook and Twitter, and now here, to use that as our campaign. What do you think?

Update: For those of you that do not have the Splenda brand in your country, it's a brand name for Sucralose. In some countries, it's called Sucaryl. It's a yellow packet.

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